Thursday, September 27, 2007

Professional Podomatic-er

Not really. I made my first podcast today. I used Audacity software and uploaded it to Podomatic. Podomatic's MP3 recorder didn't work for the first 4 days I went to the site, so finally had to break down and get Audacity, upload the special LAME d.ll file, and get it operating. After a few hours of working on my first pod, which only took 5 minutes to actually record, I'm tired. But, I learned the program and put something up. Now lets see how I can use this in my courses.

First guess is to let students do audio essays posted online at Podomatic. They could do this for virtually any essay based assignment. Hmmm, will put some thought into what else and post it at The First Day of Kindergarten when I'm ready. If you have any suggestions, comment below.

Oh yeah, I'm super excited about the K12onlineconference. Already booked some time on my Outlook calendar.

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